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SPIRAEA betulifolia 'Tor Gold'
Birch-leaves Spirea


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:: Rosaceae :: SPIRAEA :: betulifolia :: 'Tor Gold'
  • Type of products available: 0/1/1P9
  • Protection : COV 33551

Main asset

An attractive foliage through all shades of yellow, orange, red and purple from spring to autumn, a good compact habit.


Associate with perennials or shrubs with dark foliage or flowering in shades of red. Performs well in containers or boxes, in not too dry conditions.

VIP Valkplant

This mutation of the birch-leaves Spirea 'Tor' has golden yellow foliage in spring. The young shoots are orange-red. The spring flowering shows corymbs of small white flowers. The foliage truns yellow green in summer but does not burn in the sun, and blushes again in autumn. The plant has a compact rounded shape of 60-90 cm height, suited to front of shrub-beds or terrace pots.

  • Uses: Front of shrub beds, borders, terrace pots, window boxes

Global caracteristics:

  • Type of foliage: deciduous
  • Habit: ball
  • Height: 70 cm x 50 cm (2.3 ft x 1.6 ft)
  • Growth: medium
  • Flowering period: May-June

Shape and colours:

  • Foliage shape: Small ovate leaves
  • Foliage colour: golden
  • Foliage colour in autumn: Purple
  • Flowers shape: Corymbs
  • Flowers colour: white
  • Parfum : no


  • Soil type: All
  • Exposure: sun, part-shade
  • Hardiness: - 30 °C (-22 °F - USDA zone 4b)