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Serre d'acclimatation In Vitro Plantule In Vitro

Created in 1998, the micro-propagation laboratory guarantees homogeneous batches of plants to our customers.
Plants, such as Syringa, Rhododendron, Lavandula or Choisya are thus well ramified, especially from the base. During the 2009/2010 season, the laboratory has supplied over 1.250 million plants to be transplanted.

Greffage sur table

Besides up-to-date propagation technologies, our experience in young plant production allows us to carry out successfully a large amount of grafts. They are mainly bench grafts during the winter. We also produce « top grafts » on plants such as Robinia TWISTY BABY® 'Lace Lady »


In addition to these particular techniques, we produce cuttings which represent the largest part of our production. Thus, our know-how allows us to obtain successfull results with many species and a consistantly high quality.


All the propagation methods are used within the company : cuttings, grafts and micro-propagation as well as seedlings. The production of seedlings is also a well-known and fully-mastered technique in our nursery. We grow around 150 species and varieties of trees and shrubs which are prized for their quality and our strict grading.