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THUJA occidentalis SUNNY SMARAGD 'Hoogi023'
American arborvitae


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:: Cupressaceae :: THUJA :: occidentalis :: SUNNY SMARAGD 'Hoogi023'
  • Type of products available: 0/1/1P9
  • Protection : COV EU 2016/0921

Main asset

Very lively color all year, giving cheerfulness to compositions, planters or shrub beds in the garden. Very good hardiness.


Recent breeding of Hoogenraad Nurseries (The Netherlands) represented by Plantipp.


This Thuja is distinguished from the usual varieties by its beautiful bright yellow color and its dense erected pyramidal shape. It is insensitive to sun burns and can therefore be placed in both a sunny and semi-shaded area. It behaves well in pot, is well suited as well in arrangements or for the market of balconies-terraces. In comparison with 'Golden Smaragd', its yellow color is much livelier, and its growth is faster.

  • Uses: Monospecific hedgerows, planters, arrangements

Global caracteristics:

  • Type of foliage: evergreen
  • Habit: pyramidal
  • Height: 2.5 m x 1 m (8 ft x 3 ft)
  • Growth: fast

Shape and colours:

  • Foliage shape: scales
  • Foliage colour: yellow
  • Foliage colour in autumn: golden yellow


  • Soil type: all except arid
  • Exposure: sun, part-shade
  • Hardiness: - 35 °C (-31 °F - USDA zone 3b)