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EUONYMUS alatus 'Compactus'
Winged Spindle, Burning Bush


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:: Celastraceae :: EUONYMUS :: alatus :: 'Compactus'
  • Type of products available: 0/1/1P9

Main asset

  • Compacity
  • Very beautiful autumn colors, bright red
  • Orange fruit (toxic)
  • Winged branches on old subjects


This solid, drought-resistant plant deserves to be planted in groupsin front of trees or shrubs that turn yellow in autumn, to create a spectacular color contrast.

Species native to northern China, deciduous, with beautiful autumn colors of foliage, crimson red, relayed by long lasting orange fruits until winter. On elderly plants, the branches bear 4 horny ribs called wings, hence its name, adding to the ornamental interest. 'Compactus' is a dwarf horticultural selection of the type species, for low shrub beds or slope.

  • Uses: Monospecific low shrub beds, or with perennials yellowing in autumn, slopes

Global caracteristics:

  • Type of foliage: deciduous
  • Habit: spread
  • Height: 1 m x 1.50 m (3 ft x 5 ft)
  • Growth: slow to medium
  • Flowering period: May-June
  • Époque de fructification : autumn

Shape and colours:

  • Couleur du bois : beige
  • Foliage shape: oboval
  • Foliage colour: dark green
  • Foliage colour in autumn: red
  • Flowers shape: cimes
  • Flowers colour: cream green
  • Forme des fruits : cap
  • Couleur des fruits : orange


  • Soil type: all
  • Exposure: sun, part-shade
  • Hardiness: - 35 °C (-31 °F - USDA zone 3b)