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FORSYTHIA intermedia WEEK END® 'Courtalyn'


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:: Oleaceae :: FORSYTHIA :: x intermedia :: WEEK END® 'Courtalyn'
  • Type of products available: 0/1/0A5, 0/1/0A7, 0/1/1P8, 0/1/1
  • Protection : COV F/UK 6344 - INPI 1587548

Main asset

The best of Forsythias of great development, pruning unnecessary apart for rejuvenation.

Selected in INRA Angers (french public research), vigorous and regularly shaped. Golden yellow flowers cover the twigs down to the base.

  • Uses: free hedge, specimen, shrub bed

Global caracteristics:

  • Type of foliage: deciduous
  • Habit: erected
  • Height: 2 m x 1.50 m (6 ft x 5 ft)
  • Growth: fast
  • Flowering period: February-March

Shape and colours:

  • Foliage shape: oval serrated
  • Foliage colour: light green
  • Foliage colour in autumn: yellow
  • Flowers shape: 4 petals
  • Flowers colour: yellow


  • Soil type: all
  • Exposure: sun
  • Hardiness: - 30 °C (-22 °F - USDA zone 4b)