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Cuttings and seedlings plug production

A4 A5

A4 (diam.4 cm) and A5 (diam. 4,6 cm) stemming from cuttings or seedlings. Homogeneous quality, generally trimmed twice. Well developed root system.

Perfect product for vigorous species to be repotted in 2-3 litre containers.

A4 : 108 cuttings/tray
SA4 : 108 cuttings/tray
A5 : 77 cuttings/tray
SA5 : 77 cuttings/tray

A7 (diam. 6 to 6,5 cm) made with a strong and well balanced cutting. Perfect product for a direct repotting in a 3-4 litre container. ABJP also offers many references stemming from seedlings.

A7 : 40 cuttings/tray
SA7 : 40 cuttings/tray

BP7 Godet de 7 en plaque (BP7)

BP7 (diam. 7 cm) stemming from the transplanting of a young plant.

BP7 : 40 transplanted cuttings/tray

Delivery time : many of our products are available from the autumn ( please contact us for any further information).


European code
0/1/0A4 cuttings in 4 cm plugs - 1 year
0/1/0A5 cuttings in 5 cm plugs - 1 year
0/1/0A7 cuttings in 7 cm plugs - 1 year
1/0A4 seedlings in 4 cm plugs - 1 year
1/0A5 seedlings in 5 cm plugs - 1 year
1/0A7 seedlings in 7 cm plugs - 1 year
TC/1/1A7 BP7 in vitro

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